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            What I Want to Be 08 Them Bones【美國兒童歌曲】

            所屬專題:少兒英語歌曲  來源:滬江育兒    要點:美國Kidsongs兒童歌曲  
            編輯點評: 通過優美的旋律,來幫助小朋友們學習兒歌。歌曲較有童趣,短小易唱,小朋友聽歌學唱的同時還能輕輕松松學英語!今天小朋友們要學的是What I Want to Be。

            Them Bones

            So you wanna be a doctor
            Well the getting there is slow
            A whole lot of school to learn the
            Things you gotta know
            We're going to call on our friend
            The skeleton
            And name these bones one by one

            You got the foot bones
            Connect the shin bones
            Connect the thigh bones
            Connect the hip bones

            Now what we've got here is the lower
            Half of the body beautiful
            And that's no laugh
            The other bones of the body we need
            You see
            Cause put together neatly
            They make you and me

            These bones, these bones, gonna
            Walk around
            These bones, these bones gonna
            Jump around
            These bones, these bones gonna
            Dance around
            These bones, these body bones

            We got the finger bones
            Connect the hand bones
            Connect the arm bones
            Connect the shoulder bones

            Now, you and me are gonna play a little game
            I'll point to the bone
            And you say the name
            Foot bone
            Shin bone
            Thigh bone
            Hip bone
            Finger bone
            Hand bone
            Arm bone
            Head bone
            And all these bones together
            Make the curvy backbone

            Now that is good
            And now you all know
            How the bones fit together
            From head to toe
            Just stand close together
            And do your thing
            We'll put all the bones
            Together again
            As we sing
            One, two say what's in your shoe

            The foot bones connected to the
            Shin bones
            The shin bones connected to the
            Thigh bones
            The thigh bones connected to the
            Hip bones
            These bones gonna walk around
            And the finger bones connected to the
            Hand bones
            The hand bones connected to the
            Arm bones
            The arm bones connected to the
            Shoulder bones
            And all the bones connected to the
            Head bone

            These bones of the body love to
            Walk around
            These bones of the body love to
            Jump around
            These bones of the body love to
            Dance around
            We love these body bones
            We love these body bones
            We love these body bones