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            What I Want to Be 11 Act Naturally【美國兒童歌曲】

            所屬專題:少兒英語歌曲  來源:滬江育兒    要點:美國Kidsongs兒童歌曲  
            編輯點評: 通過優美的旋律,來幫助小朋友們學習兒歌。歌曲較有童趣,短小易唱,小朋友聽歌學唱的同時還能輕輕松松學英語!今天小朋友們要學的是What I Want to Be。

            Act Naturally

            They're gonna put me in the movies
            They're gonna make a big star
            Out of me
            We'll make a film about a man
            That's sad and lonely
            And all I got to do is
            Act naturally

            We'll make this scene about a man
            That's sad and lonely
            Begging down upon his bended knee
            I'll play the part
            And I won't need rehearsin'
            All I have to do is
            Act naturally

            Well I bet you
            I'm gonna be a big star
            Might win an Oscar
            You can never tell
            The movie's gonna make me a big star
            Cause I can play the part
            So well

            I hope you'll come and see me
            In the movie
            Then I'll know that you will
            Plainly see
            The biggest fool that ever hit
            The big time
            And all I got to do is
            Act naturally